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“You can feel stronger, more energetic, with a clearer mind, and an ignited purpose—no matter how crazy Life is coming at you-- I’ve got the research and personal experience to prove it.”



When I was twenty-seven a brain tumor nearly killed me, and the treatments that followed nearly broke me. My strong, healthy body was gaunt, my bone marrow compromised, and my digestion so damaged even the bathroom was painful. A life-long optimist, now I only saw the negative. The critical voice in my head scolded and shamed me for mistakes I had made-- real or imagined. It felt like I was clawing through each day, struggling to hold it together. For years I was convinced it had wrecked my life and destroyed my dreams.

But mercy came…

Through research and experimenting I learned how to eat foods that would heal my insides. I found physical activities that allowed me to enjoy moving my body. I replaced the critical thoughts in my head with supportive encouragement. I learned how to increase and harness my internal energy from one of the most powerful qigong grandmasters in the world. And I found an endless supply of insight and guidance once I paid close  attention to my soul.

The Whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.  To make our lives whole, the parts need to be functional. As a husband and father, I know how hard it is to keep everything running smoothly while Life is coming at us a million miles an hour. I advise people to examine what's working (or NOT working) in their lives, and I share the practical tools to make it better. Progress breeds confidence, no matter what Life throws at us.

When our lives are made whole we can share that feeling with others.


It was through speaking and presenting in schools that I recovered my joy. Making kids laugh and cheer felt great, but speaking to them about important topics felt even better. Getting them to see and value themselves helped me recover my own self-worth, and a desire to spread that spark of clarity to adults.

For years I believed my brain tumor wrecked my life, but now I can see it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given.
So my mission is to help others cultivate their own silver linings and combine them with health, humor, wisdom, and grit to create a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and sustainable over the long haul.

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