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“Hi, my name is Jamie Gannon. I’m a brain tumor survivor, speaker, certified personal coach, and certified to teach qigong. I speak about how to make our lives Whole again, no matter how crazy life gets.”

Practically Holistic

Live on this planet long enough and problems will find you.

My brain tumor was a big, scary crisis that brought me face to face with my own mortality. But tiny, everyday traumas can become just as serious once they start to pile up. Maybe a “routine” medical test raises your doctor’s eyebrow or there’s rumors at work of layoffs coming. Maybe your kid is having trouble at school, or your neighbors are screaming at one another in the street. Maybe all of these things happen in the same week—or the same day! These micro-traumas combine over time like cancer cells forming a tumor, and they can bleed our health, relationships, and careers-- death by a thousand cuts.


I speak about the tools and techniques that brought me back into the light, and how they can not only heal us all, but light us up like the Sun!

No one ever leaves my talks saying, “Sure, he was inspiring, but he didn’t really offer any practical stuff!” I present actionable tools everyone can use to build a sustainable lifestyle. I share the keystones that support truly vibrant health and how to integrate them with a busy life. By mixing common sense with the esoteric we can reveal the sublime in the every day.


There’s no magic pill, it’s gonna take some work.

​The best science confirms the power of eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding processed junk, but how do we make that better choice after working a ten-hour day, or running the kids from school to activities—or running the kids to activities after working a full day???

How can we actually find joy in moving our bodies when we just want to Netflix and chill? How can we get the never-ending rush of thoughts in our heads to work for us? How can we harness more energy without relying on caffeine or pills? How can we locate and ignite our spirit?

These are all things I can help with.

I dodged a deadly brain tumor that affects less than 1% of the population, I learned qigong from a man who can burn you without touching you, and I have developed a powerful resistance to illness and injuries despite losing 15% of my bone marrow to radiation and chemotherapy. I’m just a normal guy who grew up in Philly, eating cheesteaks and playing street hockey. Imagine what you’ll do with this knowledge?! I want to show you how to do all this, and more.

Practical: “Inclined toward or fitted for actual work or useful activities”

Holistic: “Complete, integrated. The idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.”

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