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Speaker Testimonials

"We asked Jamie to be our Survivor Speaker for the BT5K New York City Run & Walk event and to share his journey with the crowd.  Jamie went above and beyond reaching out to the audience and providing words of encouragement and hope to many families and patients that have experienced similar circumstances.  Our participants adored Jamie’s positive attitude and he was an unbelievable motivator for the BT5K crowd.  Jamie has a way of putting into words what others cannot and we couldn’t have asked for a better individual to impact our audience on such a powerful day.”

Jessica Wlodarski, Advancement Specialist, Events
American Brain Tumor Association


"Jamie speaks with riveting emotion and story from the first word to the last!  I've seen him on a multitude of occasions, including on my own show.  I'm 100% in tune when he speaks and always sad when it's over. If you have any hesitation whatsoever about hiring this moving, inspiring, and eloquent speaker... please DON'T!  I'd be happy to back this up with a personal phone call if anyone so desires." 

 - Dr. Glenn Livingston, psychologist, bestselling author, and podcast host

“Hearing Jamie give his personal account of being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, going through treatment and ultimately survivorship, is eye-opening and inspiring, and as a health care provider who works with cancer patients daily, I find this information priceless. Thanks to Jamie I have been motivated to learn more about nutrition and complementary medicine so that I can help empower my patients, my family and myself!” 

- Dr. Diana Martins-Welch, Northwell Health

"Jamie lives by example. He’s an extremely inspiring person and his ability to connect with people is amazing. He’s the real deal. Very authentic and empowering speaker and coach.”

– Philipp Karner

“Jamie is an engaging, fantastic speaker. Through his story, he is able to connect with everyone that has been in a similar situation. His energy and positivity are infectious and rubs off on anyone in his space.”

–Jeffrey Mease

“Jamie is an amazing, inspirational speaker who can really connect with everyone in the audience.  Even when he is speaking to large groups, I feel like he is speaking directing to me. He’s extremely motivating.”

-Dr. David Volpe

"Inspirational! Jamie Gannon is a dynamic speaker whose message should be heard by anyone experiencing difficult or challenging times." 

– Molly Bellner

“Jamie Gannon's intelligent leadership lies in his personal progress and consistent pursuit of a rather successful "recovery from recovery" formula.  Follow his insights, and be with him in heart and spirit.”

-Lee O’Connor

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